V magazine is the premiere print edition of Vizkultura – Croatian digital platform focused on contemporary visual arts and culture. V magazine was produced celebrating fifth anniversary of the platform, with the title V signifying both number five and the name Vizkultura. The editors conceptualized the magazine as a kind of a blueprint: what a contemporary culture magazine could and should look like in 2019, as a testing ground for an utopia in stark contrast with the realities of the local contemporary art and culture scene. V magazine is a product of a no-budget cooperation between Vizkultura and its collaborators, an object which in its content, visual appearance, design, 256 pages and shape is a document of the time, as well as a memento of the occasion for which it was created. Concept, creative directors, editors and publishers: Bosnić+Dorotić – Maja Bosnić & Ivan Dorotić Co-editors: Maja Broun, Jelena Pašić Design: NJI3 – Tessa Bachrach Krištofić, Dina Milovčić and Franka Tretinjak Paper: Igepa Plana, Zagreb Print: Stega tisak, Zagreb Typography: Nikola Đurek (Typotheque), Marko Hrastovec (Hot Type) and Hrvoje Živčić Photos of the magazine: Marija Gašparović Magazine launch was published everywhere ( Büro 24/7DesignedJournalDizajn.hrFashion.hrOV mag ) as well as interview/s with the editor/s (Journal | HRT | Večernji list | HR radio)